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No worries here… simply sit back and relax.  Enjoy one of the most scenic and beautiful pieces of property Arkansas has to offer. At The Pea Patch Ranch, we strive to make your stay as comfortable, memorable and happy as possible.  For the adventurous spirits, check out the various river excursion businesses located along the river in Caddo Gap and Glenwood, offering canoeing, kayaking and much more.  Pea Patch Ranch also has miles of hiking trails for the nature lover.  Interested in world-renowned spas or tourist attractions?  Hot Springs, Arkansas is approximately 35 miles east of us.

The greatest attraction here at the ranch is, without a doubt, the beautiful Caddo River and our property’s excellent access points to it.  We are located in Caddo Gap, Arkansas, part of the beautiful Ouachita Mountain Range.  The Pea Patch Ranch offers all of the comforts and modern amenities of home.