The Big Flood 2010

The Big Flood 2010

Until Friday, June 11, 2010.…….

We are all fine….varmints included. G found a cow on the levee after the water went down and we think it belongs to the FFA at Caddo Hills school….The water was over our bridge and, of course, over all the fields and the road from the river to our driveway (almost half a mile). The creeks were for the most part fordable. I was in the “mule” and made it through them as long as I had a running start.

We have about a mile and a half of fence down. I told Topher to practice his best Tom Sawyer act and try to persuade all our friends that it would be so much fun to come up here. Instead of lollygaggin’ around, they could build fence!!!!!

The worst part of this was the loss of life and is has been horrendous……but not as bad as first thought. Too many kids lost……heartbreaking.

There has been one really GOOD result from all the horrible stuff…..

WE know how much our friends and relatives think of us…..I have spent the last 2 days on the phone (my ear is bruised) with the wonderful people that we have known and loved all these years……….. and we appreciate every one of you!!!!!!!


Thanks so much for making a catastrophe a lot more bearable…

And, as always, you all know that the 4th of July is coming, and we’ll be here to greet you with open arms. We still have floor space for blow-up beds. I f you want a motel, you’d better let me know!!!!

All Us Pea Patchers